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About Me

I've been dabbling with websites, art and apps for nearly 20 years. I started in 2007 and it quickly grew to one of the largest Halo community websites on the Internet. A lot of my artwork has been used by various individuals and organizations and I have been involved in many gaming and music communities. I'm a devout Christian, married and father of 3 amazing children.

My Work - HaloSphere is a set of web-based MMORPG games I wrote that continue to run today. They are set in the Halo universe and have seen tens of thousands of players participate since their inception. Over 19,000 players.


Bama 2015 - An iOS App I wrote and update each year for Alabama Football. Over 15,000 downloads.

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Pieces of Heart - An iOS App I wrote to help you find and track pieces of heart in the Zelda game series.

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Magic and Wires - My personal blog. I occasionally post thoughts on tech and gaming related subjects.

Visit Magic and Wires - A simple countdown site for Destiny related expansions and DLC.

Visit - This is a Destiny stats website built off of the code of LegacyStats.


Firestream Music Vault - A large database of Christian Rock & Metal. I started the site under years and years ago, but it now lives at

Visit Firestream Vault Logo and Theme - I did the theme and logo for (site developed by @htr_xorth). I have helped Xorth with logos and themes for many of his other sites as well.


My Society6 Site - Some of my art is available for print here. I've ordered from them and their quality and prices are very good.

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My DeviantArt Site - A lot of my art is published here. Some of it goes way way back.

Visit DeviantArt Snoos and styles - For the first year or so the sub existed I helped a lot with the styles. I also designed some Destiny Snoos for them.

Visit /r/DestinyTheGame - A clone of HaloSphere, but a different game idea. Players play in a space-themed sandbox and work to improve their ship and control the galaxy.


My Archive - I maintain a lot of screenshots of websites and apps, even after they close down. This archive goes back quite far.

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